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a Clemence Poesy LIMS community

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Clémence Poésy Last Icon Maker Standing community
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.welcome to clemence_lims!
Hello and welcome to a LIMS community dedicated to the beautiful and talented french actress Clémence Poésy.

1) In order to participate you have to JOIN and SIGN UP before the session starts.
2) In every round you will have to submit ONE icon from the pictures provided. In the voting for each round you'll have to vote for icon which has the best and the worst quality and give reasons for your votes.
3) The icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated. The icon with the most positive votes will be awarded as People's choice.
4) Sometime at the end of the session, when there are ca. 5 participants left, a COME BACK round will take place. The icon with the most positive votes allowes its maker to come back into the challenge.
4) Every participant will have ONE skip. You can get an extra skip by promoting this community. You can't earn more than 2 skips though.
5) All icons should be new and never posted before.
6) Participants may not vote for themselves and ask their friends to vote for their icons.
7) You must use the pictures provided for each round to make your icon. Brushes, textures, text, blending etc. are allowed. Animation is not.
8) At the end a winner of the contest will be announced. The winner will be awarded with a banner and an honour to be mentioned in the community profile :) All the finalists will be awarded with price-winning banners.
9) Please do not delete your icons from their servers until you either win or are disqualified.
Have any questions or suggestions? Comment here.

Tuesday - new round.
Sunday/Monday - voting
Tuesday - voting results

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"Clémence Poésy LIMS"

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